Rabies Vaccine Concerns

Louie, our dear friend, passed away 1/28/08
I would like to share with everyone the events that took place causing Louie’s death, as he did not die of natural causes.


I brought Louie to the vet for his annual check-up and shots, as most of us do believing we are doing what’s right for our pets.  I inquired about titer testing verses vaccination because of his age. the vet informed me I was  not required to do distemper, parvo, etc, but required by law to give rabies vaccine because Louie passed his physical had no temp, breathing was good and appeared healthy. Louie received the Rabies vaccine that day , after receiving the vaccine Louie’s health dramatically deteriorated. Louie had severe diarrhea and had lots of blood in his stool. I called the vet and brought him back in. they took his pulse temp and took his blood Louie seemed fine in his office within 1 hour  of bringing him home Louie died in our home. I called the vet told him that Louie had passed and told him not to bother with the  blood test, the vet insisted on performing a thorough  blood test on my dog to see what happened. The pathology report showed that Louie had a Liver Problem, his immune system was stressed. When given the rabies vaccine he died.

When a dog is starting to show his age, tired, hearing loss, losing weight, a blood test should be taken before the shots are administered. This could save their lives. Because this blood test was not taken, Louie lost his life. I realize that Louie showed no sign of virus, and I understand now that if your pet is unhealthy that your vet can give you a waiver until he gets better.

I have since learned many things about how dangerous these vaccines can be to our pets. I’ve also learned that many of these vaccines have been proven to provide extended durations of immunity, some, a minimum of 7 years!  As you know your dog needs a valid Rabies shot to be licensed, and the vets have no choice to give this shot, because it is a law. We need to find out how we can Amend this law. It should be the pet owners choice to titer test for Rabies or have the shot done. It has been proven that these shots are good for 7 years including Rabies!

I’ve also learned that the data sheets provided from the vaccine manufacturers stipulate that these vaccines are “for use in healthy animals only” yet our veterinarians continue to vaccine sick pets, which only weakens their immune system more and exacerbates their illness. Blood test should always be done first.

There are things we can do to protect the health of our pets.

READ!! There’s tons of information available telling people about ways of caring for our pets with minimal vaccinations and explaining the dangers of these vaccines. Just as with our children who we vaccinate in early years our immune system continue to produce antibodies against disease, this is also true with our pets.

www.aahanet.org canine vaccine taskforce meets annual to review and revise the vaccine guidelines as research shows appropriate.
www.rabieschallengefund.org an organization of amazing people doing the first extended duration of immunity research for the Rabies vaccine. they need books: Shock to the system. the Nature of Animal Healing.

Please seek out this information and pass it on to everyone you know that has a pet.
CHECK TITERS!!! These are test that veterinarians can do to see if your pets still has immunity from the previous vaccinations. this avoids giving unnecessary vaccines. Once given the vaccine there immune systems continue to produce antibodies against disease. It was once thought that an animals immune system was less superior then a human. it has now been proven that an animals immune system is more sophisticated then once thought. there for it produces antibodies for a longer period of time because of this annual vaccines are not necessary. A titer which test for antibody levels can give a more accurate means to decide whether to vaccinate or not. In other words if a animal is still producing antibodies to a specific disease it does not need to be revaccinated.

WE NEED TO STOP OVER-VACCINATING OUR PETS! We need to amend the Rabies Law (Louie Law)  Unfortunately there needs to be more research to be done before they will accept titer for rabies.

We will never make this mistake again and are doing everything we can to let people know,
Our hearts are broken having to watch our best friend suffer and die this way. We felt powerless as there was nothing we could do to save his life.
I love you  Louie

If anyone is interested there is an excellent book out
shock to the System: bye Catherine O’Driscoll
and also check out this website on Rabies!!

It would be nice if we could get the law to allow us to titer test maybe someone out there will know how we can get the law to add that they do accept titer testing.

we will remember you always Louie and you are forever in our hearts